Prime Access Consulting employs a holistic approach involving principles of inclusive design, standards compliance, training, and best practices. We collaborate with your team and partners to develop solutions to exceed your goals by helping your organization do work that benefits the widest possible audience. PAC is not focused on simply meeting regulatory compliance, we surpass compliance through our commitment to excellence and implementation of an inclusive methodology.

Design Evaluations

We review designs and work with your team to develop solutions for every aspect of design while maintaining a visually stunning product that embodies your brand identity.

Kiosks and Interactives

We support the creation of inclusive digital interactives, from hardware to software design, that ensure every museum visit is a barrier-free experience.

Lectures and Keynotes

Our founder, Sina Bahram, gives talks on all aspects of accessibility and inclusive design to promote change in organizational culture.

Mobile Applications

We show your team how to create inclusive and enjoyable mobile experiences that are compatible with industry-standard assistive technologies.


We partner with academic and corporate research labs to use evidence-based methodologies for integrating and enhancing usability principles across a variety of domains.

Strategy and Policy

We work with key stakeholders to write policy that incentivizes inclusive design and to develop strategic roadmaps for implementation.

Web Accessibility

We conduct formal WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 audits at levels AA and AAA with a focus on solutions rather than on problems to achieve the most generous web experience you can offer.

Workshops and Trainings

We teach you the questions to ask and explore the answers with you to create more inclusive experiences throughout your organization.

Sina says:

Designing with empathy means that you are talking with and involving people of all abilities and backgrounds in the design process.